Friday, October 21, 2005

President Bush bravely fights illness

This morning, Walter Reed Army Medical Center sent over its report on President George Bush's health following his semi-annual check-up. It seems the stress of presiding over the world's most powerful nation, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, is finally taking its toll.

In glancing at the report prior to dropping it off outside the Oval Office, I noticed that President Bush has fallen victim to a relatively rare illness: Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder (AOADD).

Back home in Waco, for a while doctors thought my baby brother Rick Bob might have had ADD. But it just turned out that he's retarded.

According to the report, President Bush may have had Adult Onset ADD for many years without anyone knowing it although after checking the symptoms of the illness at a medical Web site, I don't see how the President matches any of the symptoms.

From, these are the symptoms of AOADD:

-Starts but cannot finish projects
-Easily distracted
-Cannot juggle several projects simultaneously
-Makes poor decisions
-Unable to articulate simple thoughts
-Cannot prioritize
-May suffer from delusions of adequacy

Doctors recommend placing the President on Ritalin.

Knowing that the President is a victim of AOADD only makes me admire him more. To have a mental illness and still lead the Republican Party better than anyone before or after just shows how great President George W. Bush is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious...critical insights that stay well within the bounds of decency--but still hit the mark.

4:51 PM  

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