Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Why Harriet Miers is my choice for the Supreme Court

When President George W. Bush nominated Harriet Miers (or Oscar Miers as the President calls her) to the Supreme Court, I was thrilled. You just can't do better than a woman lawyer from Texas, my home state.

A lot of folks have been complaining that she has no judging experience. That's simply not true. A few months back, the White House held a contest for fourth graders asking them to write an essay on "Why I would make a great Republican president." Harriet Miers was among the judges and she did a dandy job of picking a winner. (That child is now in our Republican training program.)

There are other folks complaining about cronyism because Ms. Miers had been the personal attorney of the President. But what better way is there for a President to select a Supreme Court judge than to she her in action? And President Bush was mighty impressed with the way Ms. Miers kept his drunk driving conviction out of the 2000 Presidential electon.

She also did a bang-up job as Texas Lottery Commissioner, appointed by Governor Bush of Texas. During her time as Commissioner, there wasn't one single incident of too many ping pong balls popping out of the machine. (I must admit I'm a little disappointed that she took a job of promoting gambling among weak-willed, degenerate Texans but as a lawyer, I reckon she took on all kinds of distasteful tasks.)

I realize there are a lot of good Chriatian folk like Rush Limbaugh who are concerned that Ms. Miers does not have a public record of condemning to hell all abortionists and gay people. But trust me, Ms. Miers stands with us on these important issues.

I can remember when one of the Cabinet undersecretaries got one of the White House secretaries pregnant. The White House secretary was contemplating an abortion and I heard Ms. Miers say, "Oh, isn't that just awful." And on another occasion, Vice-President Cheney brought his gay daughter Mary to the White House and Ms. Miers who was standing near to Mary move a few steps away.

Ms. Miers is a devout Christian, a long-time member of the Valley View Drive-In Church in suburban Dallas, a church I happen to know has no tolerance for abortion or homosexuals.

A lot of follks have been wondering about Ms. Miers' personal life, which isn't any of their business. But she does have a boyfriend, a Texas Supreme Court judge, with whom I'm sure she has never had pre-marital sex because she isn't that kind of woman!


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