Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Secret Service has ordered me to post this

All that stuff I wrote about Karl Rove. None of it is true. He really did not have pictures of John Kerry and Osama Bin Laden eating dinner at Denny's. And that stuff about talking notes for Coulter and Hannity. I must have been mistaken. The White House has never told journalists what to say. And no one who works at the White House has ever procured a young woman for Bill O'Reilly. I swear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NancyJo, NancyJo, NancyJo,

You're being played for a rube. Bait and switch. It's not about a woman. It was never about women. Follow the money. The money will lead you to the truth. Gannon. Remember the Catholic priests' imbroglio? It's a Christian thing. Satan had Rosemary, so the good God-fearing Christians have boys, to save their souls from other Rosemarys.

No Man Hath a Greater Love than He that Layeth His Life Down for Another Man --Luke (not Skywalker)

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