Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm part of democracy in Iraq

Wow! What an honor I had today. Ballots for this week's Iraqi election arrived and I got to deliver them personally to the secretary who sits outside the Oval Office of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

I've got to admit, the ballots looked a bit strange. There were four boxes on the ballot and beside each box was a number: 1, 2, 3, 4. That was it. No names, nothing.

I was so excited about handling those ballots that I called home to Waco to tell the folks. Rick Bob, my lovable but inauspiciously retarded brother answered. When I told him about the ballots he asked, "How do Iraqi voters know who they're voting for?"

He is so simple. I explained that for America's purposes of bringing democracy to Iraq, it's not important that Iraqis vote for anyone in particular; only that they vote. "Once they check off a box, they've got democracy and we can get the heck out of that heck-hole," I said.

I just hope that when the Iraqis vote for the number of their choice, they're not voting for a Communist number.


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