Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The tsunami hits the White House

Here's an amazing story I just heard on the intern's grapevine. It seems that an aide to the Attorney General, a man named Tod, had gone to Thailand on his honeymoon over Christmas-New Year's. On THE morning, he and his new wife, Charlene, went down to the beach to sunbathe. When Charlene looked through her beachbag, she realized that she had left her sunglasses in their room. She was about to get them when Tod said he's go back for them leaving her to enjoy the beach. As Tod climbed to the top floor of the hotel, the tsunami hit the beach. Charlene was found dead two weeks later.

I say it was the hand of God that saved Tod's life. After all, if God had not made Charlene forget her sunglasses, Tod would have died.

Trisha thinks God had been trying to save Charlene because it was her sunglasses left behind and Charlene had started to get them but Tod butted in.

But I say God, like President Bush, doesn't make mistakes. He knew exactly who He wanted to saveā€”Tod. My feeling is that He already had a place for Charlene by His side (assuming she was a Christian in good standing) and that Tod was meant to stay on earth doing God's work in the Bush administration.

I remember right after the tsunami, my good-hearted but retarded brother Rick Bob asked why God would kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people? Rick Bob really has trouble understanding the simplest things. I explained that everyone dies. And for Christians in good standing, to die young is a reward because you get to God's side earlier than anyone else spending more of eternity in God's light. Rick Bob then asked if good Christians are rewarded in Heaven for eternity, why are people afraid to die? He's always asking dumb questions. I told him to shut up.


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