Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween at the White House

Today's Halloween and even though as a Christian I realize I should not participate in this heathen celebration, as a White House staffer (unpaid), I felt obligated to join in the festivities with my co-workers.

It's been a tradition in the George Bush White House that every Halloween, just about everyone dresses up in fun costumes for the day. Here are some of the better costumes that I remember.

Harriet Miers was dressed in a black bathrobe. I reckon she was pretending to be a Supreme Court judge.

Donald Rumsfeld stuck a knife into a box of corn flakes and wore the box around his neck. He was supposed to be a cereal killer.

Somebody left a hat suspended about six feet off the ground using fishing line from the ceiling. "Who's that supposed to be?" I asked. "That's Scooter Libby," was the reply. "He came as a ghost."

Condoleezza Rice showed up at the White House wearing a man's suit. She had come as Colin Powell.

Laura Bush came into West Wing wearing a white wig and she had stuck a large pillow under her dress making her butt look huge. Everyone immediately guessed Barbara Bush.

Karl Rove came dressed in a prison uniform and claimed to be Scooter Libby.

What was really great was that President Bush and Vice President Cheney got together to create a theme. They came to work dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz.

Vice President Cheney came as the Tin Man and wandered around the offices singing "If I only had a heart."

And President Bush dressed up like the Scarecrow and he went around singing "If I only had a brain."

I dressed up like Madonna — the mother of Christ; not the slut.

The President's Secret Service
detail dressed up too!


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