Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I attend my first Jewish ceremony

Last weekend had a lot of significance for me. First the Pope died. Although I'm not a Catholic (for sure), I was still saddened. After all, he and President Ronald Reagan worked hand in hand to bring down Communism in Eastern Europe, sort of like Batman and Robin (President Reagan was Batman).

Then I attended my first Bark Mitzvah. Muffy Wolfowitz, one of my co-interns, invited the White House staff over to Georgetown (I'm so pleased that President Bush has been recognized in his own time) to celebrate the 13th birthday of her dog, Kissinger, with God.

Back home in Waco, when someone turns thirteen, you generally buy him a rifle and hope he doesn't turn it against his classmates. But among Jewish people, 13 signifies something special, which I don't really know what but I know it's not unlucky.

For the occasion, Kissinger wore a "yarumklup" or something on his head like the defunct Pope wears and a little "tell us", which is a prayer shawl. I understand that if he were a little boy, he would have read from the Jewish Bible which is a lot like the American Bible except it leaves out all the parts about Jesus being the son of God and the Jews killing him.

Anyway, for the ceremony, a Rabbi in a purple suit sang over Kissinger for a while and then gave him a Milkbone. Then there was a big party with lots of food I didn't recognize. The Rabbi later went around telling anyone who would listen that he wasn't wearing any underwear.

I'd never realized until last weekend how religious Muffy must be, giving her dog such a lovely opportunity to enjoy the blessing of God.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oy! Did Bush donate any faith-based government dough for the special event?

I heard that Bush is pushing for a "sanctity of dog-mitzvahs" amendment. He's worried that dog-mitzvahs will go down the "slippery slope" into cat-mitzvhas and hamster-circumcisions.

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