Tuesday, March 08, 2005

There's such a thing as too much democracy

I saw this in the newspaper this morning:

BEIRUT - Close to half a million pro-Syria demonstrators rallied in a square in Beirut on Tuesday, answering a call from the militant Islamic group Hezbollah to show their support for a continuing Syrian presence in Lebanon.


Democracy is like firearms. Everyone should have some but first you need to learn how to use it wisely. By the fact that half a million Lebanese came out to support their Syrian occupiers, it's obvious that these folks are democrazy.

The fact is, democracy is a foreign concept to a lot of foreigners. Here in America where democracy was invented, we automatically understand the concept. Some foreigners do; some don't.

Let's look at the Ukrainians. These people have a good understanding of democracy. When they had a newly elected government that half the country didn't like, the people took to the streets until they got a pro-Western government. I'd call that democracy in action.

Evidently, the Lebanese have learned nothing from the currently democratic Ukrainians. Democratic people do not rally in support of terrrorist groups like Hezbollah and weasily countries like Syria. They rally in favor of pro-Western ideals. The freedom to worship God. The freedom to bear arms. The freedom to send your children to the school of your choice, if you can afford it. And all the other freedoms that make America great.

With today's Beirut demonstration, it's apparent that Lebanon can't handle democracy. Imagine if these people had an open election right now. They could end up voting for some pro-Iranian government, which by definition is anti-democratic. So America would be forced into nullifying the election results and selecting a pro-democratic government to give the Lebanese people their rights to freedom and liberty.

I believe the Bush administration agrees with this assessment.

As I was delivering coffee and crullers to Mr. Rove this morning, I overheard some snippets of conversation emanating from the Oval Office.

Vice-President Cheney was saying something like, "We can't let those Lebanese f--kers s--t all over the f--king work we've been doing in the G---am Middle East. F--king Arab A--holes." (Although I may not agree with his word selection, I agree with his sentiments.)

I heard President Bush suggest a "training vote". "We'll give those Lebanese some of our old election ballots, maybe there's still a few left over from Florida, and see if they can figure out how to vote democratically." I heard a lot of voices saying, "Good idea", "Great idea, Mr. President."

Democracy is like a hot chili powder. It needs to be sprinkled on sparingly or it'll burn your brains out. If and when Lebanon ever gets a democracy, I pray they use their voting powers intelligently. Otherwise they'll end up with a government like Canada's that won't even accept ballistic missile defense that's free! Who the heck turns down free stuff?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Democracy begins with a social contract. Everybody must agree at the outset that the minority will not make war with the majority. I don't think we have that in some parts of the mid-east, so democracy will not take root, instead there will be chaos. Iraq is a case in point.

I still don't understand what any of this has to do with terrorism. The second largest terrorist attack in recent American history was carried out by an American. Our democracy did not stop him.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good place for the US to start would be to stop demanding what kind of government other countries should have. And for the American public to see rhetoric as rhetoric. We're convinced by clever rhtetoric what we see is not really what we are seeing.
Our government refers to Iraq as "the world's newest democracy". If Iraq is a democracy Osama Bin Laden is a Rabbi. If what has been done to Iraq is promoting democracy then the world doesn't need democracy. The only people who believe the governments' rhetoric about democracy are Americans. I think most people outside the US know it's only rhetoric.
100,000 dead Iraqi civilians, a wrecked country, rhetoric and more rhetoric.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's look at the Ukrainians. These people have a good understanding of democracy. When they had a newly elected government that half the country didn't like, the people took to the streets until they got a pro-Western government. I'd call that democracy in action.


Shame the same thing did not happen here - we too had a newly elected government that half the country didn't like.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Let's look at the Ukrainians" LOL :) What a rave!!
You know nothing about Ukraine, Russia and all this part of the world. Admit this and don't be silly.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The great thing about American democracy is that you don't have to know anything to participate. That's why it's called a representative democracy.

Very smart people go through the votes and understand who you intended to vote for even when you didn't, and they can correct all kinds of errors that have killed many lesser democracies in the past.

We should all take a moment and say "God Bless America, and the good Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists at Diebold and ES&S!" (really one company founded by the same Regent for Jesus).

When I think about it and the God of Abraham and Moses talks to me through the Mother Mary and Jesus, through Our Lord's Earthly Regent, Diebold, Armageddon really is going to be between the God fearing Christians and those pagan infidel Arabs. It's really reassuring to know that God is on our side and we are the good guys.

P.S. Just an afterthought, but have any of you ever noticed that our Lord sometimes reveals himself to us in mysterious ways? For example, Salman Rushdie blasphemed the Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him, and so he earned a death fatwa. He was in a Rush2die. Lately Jesus has been speaking to me again, without his Earthly Regent, and he said study Diebold. I haven't figured out what he meant but I will pray every night until He sees fit to reveal this to me.

10:19 PM  

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