Monday, March 07, 2005

Iraqi women are such crybabies

Some people are just never satisfied. I was delivering a report to Andy Card today and I couldn't help but notice that it was all about Iraqi women complaining about the regime change. I'm just so peeved.

First the Iraqis practically begged America to attack and get rid of Saddam Hussein and bring freedom and democracy, which we did. Now the whiners are starting to come out of the woodwork, Here's what's going on as best as I can explain it. (Those CIA reports are kind of technical.)

I never knew this but it seems that Saddam was a pretty wily dictator. For some reason, he had a soft spot for women. What I mean is that compared to countries like Saudi Arabia and such, women could lead a Godless existence, as though independence of mind is a good thing.

Saddamite women could divorce and keep their children after a breakup. They could inherit property. And it seems a lot of women held high-ranking jobs and had all the educational opportunities they wanted. In fact, those Iraqi ladies didn't even have to wear head scarves on the street. Heck, I can do all that stuff and it's no big deal to me.

However, now that Iraq is democratic with the Shiites in power (they're kind of like enthusiatic Republicans), a couple of the rules are changing, which seems to upset some of those Iraqi ladies.

For instance, to keep from getting beat up by loyal-to-America Shiites, women now need to wear head scarves in the streets. Is that really a big deal in order to enjoy freedom and liberty? Sometimes in Waco, I'll wear a Stetson and I'm not complaining.

The thing is, under Saddam religion was no big deal in Iraq as it is in America. That's why Iraq was a heck-hole. But now with democracy, the elected representatives have the power to bring Godliness into government, just as George Bush has done. And they're doing it. Iraqi Shiites have got their own set of fundamental Islamic rules and I think we have to respect them since they're in power fair and square.

In their religion, women just don't need that much freedom. It seems that their God wanted men to take charge. It's in their Bible, so it must be so. And if women protest too loudly, well a few of them have been killed by good God-fearing fundamentalists who are simply trying to protect the democratic rights of the majority. Nobody wants Benedict Arnolds in a new democracy, which some of these women seem to be.

With the new government in place, it seems a lot of women are afraid to leave their homes and so enrollment of females in universities has dropped considerably. Well, looking at it from another point of view, perhaps too many women were going to university in Saddam's time and now things have simply balanced out.

You just know a lot of liberals are going to side with these crybaby Iraqi women and suggest that the United States step in and protect their "so-called rights". But I don't believe it's the role of our government to be telling other governments how to run their business.

And to any Iraqi women who may be reading this with your newly obtained Internet freedom, learn to love democracy despite any insignificant flaws. You're no longer living under a harsh dictatorship. Get a nice burka and start enjoying your freedom and liberty.

Free Iraqi women making a
fashion statement in their
new democratic society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The issue of women and Islam is hot with Americans. The average American doesn't know a muslim and has no experience with the muslim family. I think if they did have personal experience with the muslim family their feelings might be different. Generalizing might not be so easy.
There are serious problems with how women are treated in many cultures all over the world, even in the United States. Conservative Christians support the "traditional roles" of women.
A friend said "My grand mother wore the berka, my mother wore the hijab and my wife dresses as she pleases."
That says much about the future.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend said "My grand mother wore the berka, my mother wore the hijab and my wife dresses as she pleases."
That says much about the future.


The future is going to be full public nudity, and it will be supported by both parties as "a way to grow the economy in hard times."

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Nicky said...

Dear Nancy, You really donot know the atrocities men in muslim countries commit on women...

men can marry 4 wives and have as many slave girls as they want.

unmarried people having sex are supposed to have committed adultery and are stoned to death...usually the woman only.

there hhave been instances when a man raped another woman, his wife/sister was ordered to b raped by 4 other men to impart justice.

A man cannot commit adultery, he is poltgamous, a woman on the other hand cannot step out of the house without that black tent on her.

You donot know how a muslims woman's life, in a traditional muslim rule is...please donot take it so easily...i wonder how u would feel if u were asked to cover up like the girls in the picture for the rest of ur life?

If wht u have written is true then i say it would have been better if Bush hadnt invaded Iraq in the first place.

12:40 AM  

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