Friday, June 09, 2006

Osama bin Laden fingered Zarqawi

Here at the White House, President Bush and his cabinet were mighty impressed with the efficiency of the Canadian intelligence services and police in rounding up their terrorist Muslims.

"What did them Muslim terrorists blow up in Canada?" the President asked when he heard the news of the round up.

"Nothing, sir," Secretary Rumsfeld replied.

"I don't understand," said the President. "If the Muslims didn't blow anything up, how did the Canadians know to arrest them? Heck, we didn't start doing any intelligence until after the World Trade Center."

"That's not exactly true," Secretary Rumsfeld said. "We had lots of intelligence. We simply chose not to use it."

"Well, I ought to call up that Canadian president..."

"Prime Minister," Mr. Rumsfeld said. "Prime Minister Harper."

The President continued. "I'm going to call up that Prime Minister and congratulate him on his good security work."

The following is from the transcipt of the President's call:

BUSH: Harper, you old dog. How are you?

HARPER: Who is this? How'd you get this number?

BUSH: Relax old buddy. It's me, Dubya.

HARPER: Oh, President Bush. You caught me off guard. You've never called Canada before.

BUSH: Heck, I didn't even know where Canada was until today. Anyway, I just want to congratulate you on the fine work your boys did in rounding up those terrorists.

HARPER: Yes, it's amazing what good intelligence and security can do.

BUSH: I shouldn't be telling you this but I reckon you can keep a secret. We've got our eye on that Zarqawi fella in Iraq. It seems our boys got a tip from Osama bin Laden where to find Zarqawi.

HARPER: Why would bin Laden tell you where to find Zarqawi?

BUSH: I reckon he needs the $25 million reward. But you know what? If his information pans out, we're going to stiff him. Let him take us to court. Heh, heh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If President Bush got ear he better hear this:He n white Americans generally got a lot of problems.Not da least of which is sheer stinking racist n disgusting 'white' supremacist mindset .Let him deny dis:why can't blacks b President?I daresay Bush himself finds da whole idea absurd.Let him deny dat too.Look US,the world is sick of ur imperialist posture.If u love urself,shut ur mouth n mind ur business[globally speaking]cos da world,Africa[ns],n me don't n won't welcome ur 'pokenosey' attitude.Or what gives ur da silly idea dat u got da arbitary right to tell anoda independent country exactly how they should behave 'governmentally'?Listen,Bush US is a great nation,no doubt,but u n ur fellow Americans should stop acting like u more dan dat:as if u people are GOD HIMSELF.And back to my initial argument:if what I pointed out up there isn't da truth,what forced Thomas Jefferson's paragraph out of da final Declaration of Independence document?: 'He has waged cruel war against human nature itself,violating its most sacred rights of life n liberty in persons of a distant people who nev offended him.......'U George Bush,av done dat in modern times:Afghanistan,Iraq n now u eyeing IRAN.Pooh!Why u so 'fraid of Iran's nuclear programme when u got ur own several nuclear warheads n other nukes as u call dem? On a very solemn note US,be careful;.HE Roman Empire was many times greater than you are yet it fell,because GOD rules in the affairs of men.HE can crash you in a very short while if don't stop disturbing HIS world.HE made it!

7:54 AM  

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