Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another honor for President Bush

I'm not sure that I ever mentioned this but my uncle, Jimbo, is in the oil business back home in Waco. He's got a couple of wells and lately he's been doing real well, income-wise. I can't wait to see the ice rink he just installed in the basement.

Anyway, Uncle Jimbo's on the board of the Texas Oilmen's Association and he just called to let me know that my boss, President George W. Bush is receiving the Association's annual Man of the Year Award.
oil well

I'm not surprised people want to honor our President but I asked how the Association selected George Bush.

"Real simple," Uncle Jimbo said. "When Dubya got into office, oil was priced at about $23 a barrel. Now it's over $75 — more than triple. Dubya always promised to look after his ole buddies here in Texas and he's really come through."

"President Bush doesn't set oil prices," I said.

"Heck Nancy Jo, for a Texas girl you're sounding kinda dumb," Uncle Jimbo said. "Dubya's been workin' overtime for his ole buddies in the oil bidness. Nobody could have destabilzed oil flow like Dubya. Before we attacked Iraq, oil was gushin' outta that country like pus from an infected udder. Then Dubya called up and said get ready to start makin' some real money. We're goin' into Iraq and we're gonna mess with Iran. Dubya figured he could get oil up to $120 a barrel before he leaves office. I think he's gonna do it."

"But $120 a barrel for oil can't be good for America," I said.

"What's good for Texas is good for America," Uncle Jimbo chuckled. "Jest remember that the purpose of politics is to look after your own. And no one does that better than Dubya."

"That's a very cynical view, Uncle Jimbo," I retorted. "President Bush became President to return moral values to America." It took a while before Uncle Jimbo stopped snorting and laughing.

"That could be true Nancy Jo but here at the Texas Oilmen's Association, we don't give a damn if nuns are having a harder time gettin an abortion or folks with MS and Parkinson's have no hope for a cure. All we know is Dubya is makin' us rich."

Then Uncle Jimbo said, "We're so sure that Dubya's policies are going to affect America for decades to come that we're thinkin of making him our Man of the Century. But first, let's see if he can get the price over $80 by Memorial Day".


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Blogger David said...

Thanks, George W! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful
Psalms 1:1

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