Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Prince Charles get into a brawl

Last night was pretty embarrassing at the White House.

President Bush was throwing a state dinner for Prince Charles and his new slut bride, Camilla.

From what I heard from Becky, a communications assistant in the West Wing, Vice President Cheney went to the men's room sometime during dinner. Karl Rove was already there doing his business. So they got into a conversation that went something like this:

CHENEY: Did you get a load of that hound that Prince Flapears brought to dinner?

ROVE: I hope he doesn't ask for a doggie bag after dinner. It's too obvious who it would be for.

CHENEY: Lynn told me she's seen Camilla's dress at Sears on sale for $39.

ROVE: I didn't realize it was a dress. I just assumed she was late for dinner so she came in her nightgown.

CHENEY: Remember when Prince Chuck said he wished he were a tampon so he could live inside Camilla?

ROVE: Please Dick. I still have more dinner to eat. So what do you think the Prince does all day besides gladhanding and kissing babies' bottoms?

CHENEY: I suppose he puts on a crown and walks around the house saying "I want to be King! I want Mumsy to die so I can be King!"

At that point, according to Becky, there was a flush from the stall. Then a voice screamed: "You bloody rotters!" Then the door was torn open and Prince Charles charged out at Mr. Rove and Vice President Cheney as they were still standing at their respective urinals.

Becky didn't have many details other than the Secret Service broke up the fight and an emergency squad was sent out to get three fresh suits.


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