Monday, September 26, 2005

Questioning Senator Bill Frist's stock transaction

I just don't get it. Some folks expect our U.S. Senators to be plain stupid and I know for a fact that Senator Bill Frist isn't stupid.

Here's what's going on. Senator Frist owned some stock in a hospital company that was founded by his daddy. A while back, he discovered (probably from a relative in the company) that the hospital company was not going to be doing well. So before most people found out, Senator Frist sold his stock while the value was still high.

But doesn't that simply make sense? Why should the Senator lose money just because a bunch of other investors are going to lose money down the road? Wouldn't it make him stupid to hold on to stock that he knew was going down in value? Do we want stupid Senators in Congress?

Now, Martha Stewart, that bitchy Democrat, did something competely different. She discovered that some stock she was holding was going to drop in value and she sold before other investors found out. What's different is, her daddy didn't found the company in which she sold the stock.

The reason Senator Frist will never become a felon like that bitchy Martha is because of good, old family values— the future value of stock that only other family members know about. Since the Republican Party is the only one to support family values, Senator Frist's integrity remains unimpeachable.


Blogger Christine Brannan said...

Thanks for quickly defining the difference.. It was bound to ruin my day since I heard that this morning. Now I can sleep easy knowing that this situation is SOOOO different than Martha's.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Daniel Levesque said...

Martha wasn't convicted of insider trading. She was convicted of lying to the feds. So Bill Frist isn't likely to be convicted of anything either.


2:02 PM  

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