Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Investigation into "What went right"

Soon as all the folks in Louisiana and Mississippi have beds in a stadium or covered arena, President Bush will launch an investigation into what went "right" with Hurricane Katrina. (We'll let the Democrats dig up dirt on the couple things that might have gone wrong.)

I'd like to start the list of things that went "right":

—President Bush proved he is able to lead during a disaster with no more than four or five days' notice.

—That awful woman, Cindy Sheehan, finally got off the front page.

—The War in Iraq didn't seem so bad last week.

—The U.S. Weather Service was able to keep the hurricane from striking Texas.

—Over 99% of the levee walls held.

—The Bush administration was able to reduce the number of people on welfare rolls.

—Donations from countries like Canada and China helped subsidize the tax cuts that hard-working Americans deserve.

—As the President's mother Barbara Bush pointed out, most of the folks living in shelters are living better than they did before the hurricane.

—Sinfulness in New Orleans dropped significantly.

—President Bush asked Americans to pray that the hurricane might not be too severe and God listened.

—Nobody really important died.

President Bush is seen
comforting a victim of
Hurricane Katrina


Blogger Christine Brannan said...

Plus-- they reduced the population in an area that was Vastly over populated!!! And got rid of those unsightly run-down homes...while saving the lovliest ones..

6:26 PM  

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