Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Appalled at what goes on in blogs

I am appalled with what people write in blogs in this country. I know it's a free country but the right to say plain stupid things should be a crime.

Although I do not go 'surfing' the Web to read blogs, we in the White House get regular reports from the FBI regarding seditious blogs. Here's the kind of garbage that no-nothing-do-nothings write about.

"You want to know who the biggest terrorist in the United States is? It's George W. Bush. He's had four years since 9/11 to to put together an emergency team that should be the best in the world. Instead, that f--k-up of a president hires a Keystone Cop and who knows how many hundreds of people died and got sick because of that one patronage decision. If terrorists are supposed to scare Americans, then no one scares the s--t out of me more than that bumbling President Dubya Bush."

I hope the FBI finds this blogger and shoots him down on the street like the weasel he is.

Here's another piece of scum that purports to be truth on the Internet.

"Where did the hundreds of billions of dollars for Homeland Security go? Halliburton seems to be getting its share. Dubya's oil buddies in Texas are getting their share. All the administration is doing is making it harder for Americans to travel by forcing every American to carry a passport to get back into our own country from Canada and Mexico. If two million Mexicans a year can enter the U.S. without a passport, how hard will it be for Al Qaeda? I assume that Bush has a buddy in the passport printing business."

Although President Bush does have a contributor in the passport printing business, it is entirely coincidental. The President is simply tightening up security by making it more difficult for folks to travel freely. By 2010, the administration expects that Americans will require passports to travel between states. No terrorist will ever slip between North Dakota and South Dakota ever again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I hope the FBI finds this blogger and shoots him down on the street like the weasel he is."

Don't let small things like due process and the U. S. Constitution get in your way. Go for it just like your Lord and Master King George does.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous cecilia said...

"Satire is protected speech - even when the person being satirized doesn't get it" - Al Franken

11:23 AM  

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