Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Washington Post values my opinions

There are over 7 million blogs floating around in cyberspace. On Thursday, May 5, Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post chose my blog as representative of the feelings of people who found the First Lady Laura Bush's "performance" at the Correspondents Dinner reprehensible and disgusting.

Although Mr. Kurtz works for a liberal newspaper — the paper that misguidedly forced President Nixon from office — nonetheless Mr. Kurtz is one of the few mainstream journalists who has the mettle to publish the views of a conservative, God-fearing employee of the White House.

Now that the Washington Post has found me, I can only hope that they continue to publish my views from time to time. Here's a sprinkling. Mr. Kurtz, feel free to cherry pick any that you like.

ON THE TOPIC OF DEFICITS: It seems to me there's a lot of waste in our education system. For instance, we spend a lot of money to teach biology, anthropology and paleontology. However, we in the Bush administration recognize that the creation of the universe as described in the Holy Bible is less than 12,000 years old. So why waste time and money studying about things that some "professors" say took place millions of years ago, but couldn't have.

And lets dump that stupid Hubble Telescope that claims to bring in images that are millions of lightyears away. It just can't be. You can't have a million lightyears in a God-given universe that's only 12,000 years old.

ON THE TOPIC OF IRAQ: Since President Bush declared "Mission accomplished," fewer than 1,600 U.S. troops have died keeping the peace in Iraq. Heck, that many Americans are murdered each month in the United States, just with hand guns.

ON THE TOPIC OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR JUVENILES: I'm all in favour of the death penalty for adolescents and toddlers. Without the death penalty on the table, there's nothing to deter 12-year-old suicide bombers.

ON THE TOPIC OF PATIENTS IN A VEGETATIVE STATE: I believe vegetative patients have the right to run for public office. A lack of brain function should not be a determining factor in selecting America's representatives. Wasn't John Ashcroft beaten in his Senate race by a dead man? The Democrats set the precedent.

Mr. Kurtz, any time you need the opinion of an average Republican American, just drop me a line.


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