Thursday, March 03, 2005

The President talks to schoolchildren

Since it's more than possible that United States troops will still be helping the Iraqi people with their democracy and freedom in 10 or 15 years' time, it's important for Americans to understand our role without being confused by liberal propaganda.

Most American adults have already made up their minds about America bringing democracy to Iraq. The overwhelming majority of Americans believe it was right to rid Iraq of its dictatorship, which we did. However, there are still a few naysayers.

However children, unlike liberals and other leftists, have open minds. They can still learn why it's so important to bring freedom to Iraq so that in 10 or 15 years' time, they won't be particularly concerned about American troops stationed in Iraq.

To this end, the administration is packaging a lovely video for distribution to schools for all grades, from kindergarten to grade three. In the video, President Bush speaks directly to the schoolchildren paralleling Iraq's story with the story of the United States.

President Bush in his natural folksy way explains how when Americans came to the United States, there were a bunch of Indians ruled by chiefs, just like Iraq was ruled by one big chief. But Americans believe no one should dictate how governments are run. So Americans had to start annihilating Indians, much like we annihilated some Iraqis in order to give them freedom and democracy. Now Indians can vote; and so too can Iraqis.

Other freedoms: Iraqis have their mosques; Indians have their casinos. I guess that's about it.

I must admit I got misty-eyed as President Bush recounted the glorious story of how grateful the Indians were for our help. They created Thanksgiving to bring Americans turkey and cranberries. (I believe there's a movement afoot in Iraq to create a similar holiday to thank the United States for all we've done.)

Today's schoolchildren are our future. It's important for them to understand our history and the history we are writing for the Iraqi people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Nancy,
Sean Hannity, who I listen to daily, suggested I visit the Smirking Chimp to see just how degraded liberals have become, and I ran across a reference to your blog there. I appreciate your support of President Cheney, because we true Americans must pull together against the horde of Muslim fanatics poised at our borders to overrun us and steal our democratic freedoms, which they hate. You can't tell them apart from Mexicans anyway! Keep up the good work, let freedom ring, let privatization flourish, and don't let commie liberals dissuade you from speaking the truth. And by the way, a smirk is simply a manly smile.
Heil Busch!
Regards, Sabakimeister

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


All this nasty liberal innuendo that somehow President Bush is uneducated and unread is exposed for the dirty bag of lies it is.

The President has obviously read Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince, and being a fair-minded Christian, hasn't gotton around to burning it yet, even after what the treacherous French have done to us.

You may not rmember, but our astute President certainly does, the quote "Adults don't know anything, and it is extremely tiresome for children to have to keep explaining everything to them."

Clearly, the President has taken the statement to heart, and decided to visit the children to ask them to sort out Iraq, the twin deficits, America's loss of allies and friends, medicare, mideast peace, social security etc., just like he asked the children in Florida what he was supposed to do when those suicide bombers brought down the twin towers.

This is called leadership. And this is why Dick Cheney will never be President. He hates children. And the feeling is mutual.

1:24 AM  

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