Monday, September 19, 2011

Arab Spring Soap?

I was watching Al Jezeera news the other day, checking up on what those folks are up to. All of a sudden there was this commercial and to see it, you wouldn't think Osama Bin Laden was dead.

Bin Laden was sitting in I guess some kind of oasis in the desert, surrounded by a bunch of ladies in burkas. Then a title appeared:
"The most interesting terrorist in the world." Then Bin Laden says, "I don't always wash but when I do, I prefer Arab Spring soap."

Then one of the ladies turns to the camera and say: "I like it too." Then she winks, which is about the only thing you can do inside a burka.

Then there's one last look at Bin Laden as he holds up the soap and says, "Stay dirty my friends."

Then the Arab Spring fades out.

I sure hope that Bin Laden was photoshopped or whatever. Otherwise, that President Obama has some explaining to do.


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