Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mitt Romney supports gay marriage

Governor Mitt Romney stopped in at the White House the other day for a chat with President Bush and Vice President Cheney. As I was carrying coffee into the Oval Office, I heard Vice President Cheney ask Mr. Romney how he intended to handle the gay marriage question.

Mr. Romney: "That's easy. I have no trouble with gay people marrying each other as long as the couple includes a gay man and a lesbian woman."

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay in the room long enough to hear how he intended to deal with abortion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy Jo, you continue to amaze and amuse me with your "insight" into the party of moral values.

I hope the next administration, left, right or slightly off center, will see the value in keeping you on the payroll and will allow you to continue serving America in a way that few have.

As far a future job prospects, Nancy Jo rhymes with Tony Snow. Oh, what a press conference that would be.

10:26 PM  

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