Tuesday, January 16, 2007

President Bush really likes Mike Nifong

The Monday morning after President Bush appeared on 60 Minutes, I was lucky enough to be delivering some paperwork to the Oval Office when the President was sitting around with cabinet members and staffers discussing the show. I had the opportunity to sit in for a while.

VICE-PRESIDENT CHENEY: You were brilliant last night, Mr. President. I expect the American public will DEMAND that we surge our forces in Iraq.

PRESIDENT BUSH: I sure hope so. You don't think I came across a bit nervous-looking last night? You know I hate talking to reporters — even if I have all their questions in advance and answers printed out for me to read.

CHENEY: You were fantastic.

BUSH: You know who really is fantastic. That Mike Nifong fella.

SECRETARY GATES: You mean the prosecutor in the Duke rape case? That Durham district attorney?
DA Nifong

BUSH: Yep. I was watching the Duke story after my interview. You know, you had those weepy parents of the accused rapists.

GATES: Actually, the rape charges have been dropped against the Duke defendants. The alleged victim recanted her story.

BUSH: Yeah, I know. And still that Nifong fella ain't about to let those Duke boys off the hook. He's like a dog on a stew bone. That's the kind of prosecutor we need down in Gitmo.

GATES: I don't understand, sir.

BUSH: Well, we got us cages full of potential terrorists down in Gitmo but we don't have a timbleful of evidence against most of them. We need someone who can move forward without evidence, without regard to rights and civil liberties.

CHENEY: I think you've really got something there. Did you think of this yourself?

BUSH: Sure did. You know, I bet this Nifong fella could build me a treason case against that Nancy Pelosi and few other Democrats. Get me that Nifong fella on the phone.

At that point, someone asked for a coffee and I had to leave.


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