Monday, November 20, 2006

Rumsfeld: "If I did it, here's how I would have handled the War in Iraq"

As I was emptying waste paper baskets the other day, I came across an interesting piece of paper headlined "Book Proposal." It turns out, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is already preparing to write a book about his experience in the Bush administration. Here are some of the chapters Mr. Rumsfeld is considering:

1/ Why I considered Saddam Hussein a stabilizing force in the Mideast

2/ I'd like to see a lot more proof regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction

3/ Why is that Cheney A--hole always pressuring me to go to war?

4/ Every time I sugggest diplomacy, I'm shot down

5/ I wish the President wouldn't take Saddam so personally

6/ "Axis of Evil" seems a bit harsh: How about "Countries we need to influence"?

7/ Whatever we do, don't disband the Iraqi army

8/ Abu Ghraib: I told them kindness is the best approach for terrorists

9/ Why did Colin Powell have to lie to the United Nations?

10/ If I were in charge, here's what I would have done differently

I can't wait to read Mr. Rumsfeld's book.


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