Thursday, January 11, 2007

How President Bush decided to add 21,500 more troops in Iraq

As you can probably figure out, being the "decider-in-chief" is a pretty tough job. A lot of folks would probably like to know how President Bush reaches the decisions that affect so many lives.

Simply stated, he leaves his decisions to God, our Lord, our Saviour.

For instance, take the decision to send another 21,500 troops to Iraq on top of the 132,000 troops already there — that's if you don't count the 3,000 troops who already died defending the Iraqi democracy.

A lot of folks including quite a few disloyal Republicans and the voters who gave Congress to the Democrats want the President to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq just because our mission wasn't accomplished quite as quickly as we anticipated. Even though I think these folks are just crybabies, President Bush does have to take their viewpoint into account.

On the hand, the viewpoint that I share with President Bush and a few other folks such as the vice-president, is that we need to send a lot more troops into Iraq because nothing else seems to be working.

So how did President Bush finally decide what to do? He used his God dart board. The dart board is modified with every decision President Bush asks of the Lord. In this case, the God dart board contained 36 sections. One section, the blue section, read "Withdraw troops." The 35 red sections each read "Increase troop levels by..." and then there were numbers from 10,000 to 43,000. There was also one bonus section for an increase of 100,000 troops.

Because of the importance of the decision, the God dart board was moved from the family room to the Oval Office.

With one dart in his hand and standing exactly eight and a half feet away from the board, President Bush looked skywards and asked God what he should do. Then he threw the dart. Then he threw the dart again four or five times until he actually hit the board. But on the time that he did hit the board, the dart's point struck the line between 21,000 and 22,000.

"I reckon the Lord is telling me to send another 21,500 troops," President Bush said before going off for his morning bike ride.

I don't understand how so many Americans can be angry at President Bush when he is simply following the will of God.


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