Monday, October 23, 2006

President Bush proves he's no "cut 'n runner"

As I was passing by the Oval Office the other day, I happened to hear a particularly overheated argument between the President and Mrs. Bush (Laura, not Barbara).

MRS. BUSH: I don't understand. Why are you keeping Rumsfeld as your Secretary of Defense. He's a loser.

PRESIDENT: I know Don's not the best or the brightest. But I can't be seen to cut 'n run.

MRS. BUSH: And why didn't you state categorically how detestable Mark Foley is?

PRESIDENT: Foley's been a strong supporter of the party for a long time. If I abandoned him, I'd be seen as cuttin' 'n runnin'.

MRS. BUSH: Why aren't you doing more to help the millions of folks in Darfur who are being slaughtered.

PRESIDENT; That Sudanese leadership has been helping us in our war on terrorism. I reckon millions of innocent folks dying ain't a good thing. But I've got to be loyal to leaders who are helping our cause, otherwise I could be seen as a cut 'n runner.

MRS. BUSH: You've seen the statistics. Sanctions have never worked to prevent a country from going to nuclear. Why don't you open a dialogue with North Korea?

PRESIDENT: I've got a policy about not talkin' to certain folks. I've got to stick to that policy, otherwise I'd been seen to cut 'n run.

MRS. BUSH: Why are you looking at a map of Southeast Asia?

PRESIDENT: I'm thinking about finishing the war in Vietnam. Sendin' in troops. Attacking the North. America should never have cut 'n run.

The conversation went on for quite a while. But I couldn't stay for the whole thing. I had to run.


Blogger Rick said...

He didn't happen to mention a newly purchased farm in Paraguay, did he?


Love the post!

2:50 PM  

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