Friday, September 02, 2005

Does America really want aid from Sri Lanka?

President Bush has been criticized by members of the American public and media for not acting quickly enough in getting relief to the folks hit by Hurricane Katrina. That is simply not fair.

President Bush cut short his vacation by nearly a week. And he packed in such a rush that he left behind his toiletry kit in Crawford. Air Force One had to make a return trip to get it.

If you've been watching TV, you've seen those citizens of New Orleans and Biloxi wailing that no one has come to their rescue; no one has brought them food or water or shelter. The fact is, America is not a socialist country where folks get to feed from the breast of the government. You can bet those folks down south didn't complain when George Bush handed them all tax cuts.

America is about independence and freedom, like Iraq will someday be. Certainly, acts of God like hurricanes can affect individuals. But what these people need is more faith in Jesus, not government welfare.

All of America has taken a hit from Katrina. Just look at the prices at the gas pumps. We're all in it together. We're all victims but we can't expect the government to give us all aid in a finger snap. And with all the tax cuts that those folks enjoyed for so long, it's not like the government's got a lot of cash to spread around.

Certainly it would have been nice if our National Guard were guarding our nation. But it's doing a more important job fighting for Iraqi freedom, so we have to make do with volunteers and militia outfits.

The one problem is that all kinds of foreign leaders have been calling up President Bush and offering to help the desperate folks down south.

I believe these leaders are just trying to humiliate America.

Can you imagine a planeload of Sri Lankans or Rwandans coming to the aid of the United States of America? The next thing you know, the United Nations will be sending peacekeepers to the SuperDome.


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