Monday, May 30, 2005

Reflecting upon the personal sacrifices of President George W. Bush

Since today is Memorial Day, I believe it is appropriate to look upon the many wartime sacrifices that our President, George Bush, has made for America.

Bush military
George Bush is a Vietnam-era veteran who served courageously as a pilot in the National Guard. George Bush patroled the skies of Texas. During his tenure, not a single Vietnamese terrorist made it into Texas.

Because he served his country between his studies at Yale and Harvard, he sacrificed getting the high grades he deserved. We can only imagine how much greater a president he would have been had he not been placed into the position of sacrificing his studies and only being able to earn a C average.

President Bush, along with many Vietnam vets, suffered post-partum stress syndrome. To deal with his stress, he turned to alcoholism and drugs. Being the man he is, he does not blame the war in Vietnam but we can surmise that without the war, he would never have been caught driving drunk or taking drugs.

During the first Iraqi war, Desert Storm, George Bush was at the forefront of boosting the morale of all American service personnel by ensuring professional baseball continued to be played on the fields across the United States.

As young Americans are currently fighting and dying in Iraq, George Bush continues to make numerous personal sacrifices that few people are aware of.

You'll probably remember the President giving up his own personal Thanksgiving to be with the troops in Baghdad prior to the last election.

However, on many occasions, he has left Washington for the Crawford Ranch hours later than planned to deal with the Iraqi insurgency. On several occasions, he has competely canceled a mountain bike ride because of the war. And hardly a weekend goes by when he doesn't get a phone call or two about the war.

I've even heard it said within the White House that if President Bush had had sons instead of daughters, he'd have made sure they did military service.

There's a reason that Presdent Bush was selected by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth as their ideal soldier. Without men like President Bush, Americans would never make the kinds of sacrifices needed to fight for the freedom of peoples like Iraqis.

Thank you President Bush for all your personal sacrifices.


Anonymous mark said...

I shed a tiny tear of gratitude.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Sky LaRell said...

Intern to the white house, huh? So you know first hand how much Bush is scewing things up.

Let's look at this blog as what it really it: political rhetoric trying to convince the uninformed that Bush is a great man who is a great president, even if he isn't.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Christine Brannan said...


You must be joking...right..???

Try something new on your holiday off and READ....

Thank goodness for President Bush and the role model that he is for our country... without his lead to follow I would NEVER feel comfortable sitting here watching sports all weekend while soldiers are out giving their lives so that others may have OUR kind of democracy!

Please remember Pat Tillman on this day and give your sympathy to the soldiers who killed him... without America's astound military training they may never have the quick reflexes that they need in situations where the soldier they are killing actually belongs to the enemy!

6:13 PM  
Blogger David said...

Nancy Jo, I love you! Have my babies.

8:58 AM  

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