Sunday, May 22, 2005

Iraq demands restitution from Saddam Hussein

The Bush government has come under fire this week because a slimy British newspaper has printed photographs of Saddam Hussein in his nearly altogether. People figure President Bush should be personally responsible for what goes on in American-controlled prisons, like Abu Ghraib.

The thing is, people have made a mountain out of a molehill regarding Saddam. Saddam wanted his picture taken. Here's the official White House explanation...

As most folks know, Saddam Hussein stole billions of pesos (or whatever that Iraqi currency is) from his people.

Investigators have searched high and low looking for the money, but haven't found a red centavo.


So the Iraqi government has made a deal with the old dictator. If he starts to repay the money he stole, Saddam will receive leniency at his sentencing. (We already know he's guilty.)

Saddam has claimed that he doesn't know where any money is, but he's willing to work off his debt. Unfortunately, as a prisoner, there are limited opportunities to get work that pays big dollars.

In this photograph, he can be seen auditioning for Calvin Klein. No word yet on whether the Saddam underwear ad will be up in Times Square.


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