Monday, May 23, 2005

Intelligent Design: Another name for BLASPHEMY

Have you been reading what's going on in the education systems of places like Kansas and Dover PA.? School boards are attempting to tear down Darwin's Theory of Evolution (about time!) with something called "Intelligent Design".

For those of us faithful Christian Republicans, Intelligent Design is just a lot of bullroar.

If you want to say God created the Universe, then just say it!

Intelligent Design patronizes God. It's condescending to Our Lord. God isn't intelligent. He's superduper smarter by a billion times than anyone in the world.

Those Intelligent Design folks are trying to say there is science to back up their theory. But God doesn't need science to say He exists. God is like Popeye. He is what He is.

I've been reading up on this Intelligent Design nonsense because I thought it might induce some heathen Democrats to return to the truth of God. But if anything, Intelligent Design may well scatter potentially good Christians into directions no one can imagine.

Proponents of Intelligent Design are willing to accept that the world was not created in six days. BLASPHEMY!

Proponents of Intelligent Design are willing to accept that God's creatures may have evolved on their own. BLASPHEMY!

Proponents of Intelligent Design are willing to accept that the universe may be more than 12,000 years old. BLASPHEMY!

In fact, some Intelligent Design folks refuse to say out loud that God created the universe or that the fossil record was deposited during Noah’s flood. BLASPHEMY!

So what's the point of Intelligent Design? Did the son of an Intelligent Designer die on the cross for our sins? Did Jesus say, "Forgive them Intelligent Designer for they know not what they do?"

The Intelligent Design people say that living cells are too complicated to have arrived through evolution; that only an Intelligent Designer could have created them. But how intelligent was it to create cancer cells? It wasn't intelligent at all. Only God could have created them for His own mysterious reasons.

Liberals think that the Intelligent Design people are trying to get God back into schools through the back door. Well, I say to those Intelligent Design folk, don't do God any favors. If God can part the Red Sea, He can surely get back into any school He wants to through the front door.

In other words, what America needs is more old time religion in school. Perhaps three hours in the morning, every morning, should be devoted to the teachings of God and His son, Jesus.

In George Bush's America, there should be no Intelligent Design or Intelligent anything for that matter.


Anonymous Christine said...

Oh Brother!

Ok look.. you cannot teach that God/Jesus is the way to go AND teach abstinence only.... It is one or the other... everyone knows that if God wants a virgin pregnant then he is going to make it happen.... so sex is not even relevant....

Please people... PLUS our President gave a free plug for one of the biggest adoption agencies in the country over the weekend.... Imagine these pregnant virgins--being the chosen ones of God giving away HIS children..

No, no.... there is no way to put God back into schools regarding creation because it clashes so much with the rest of the party's beliefs....


7:05 PM  
Anonymous mark said...

I am so sorry that you feel the need to 'Americanize' these words.

I assure you that the proper phraseology is 'I yam what I yam."

8:45 PM  
Anonymous David said...

I think that the main issue with your argument against intelligent design is that you are not looking at the idea objectively at all, rather simply mentioning that it offers a different perspective than what you were taught in sunday school.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous David said...

Ooop! I probably sounded pretty stupid with that comment! I didn't read the other articles. Great stuff!

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What we really need to do is to stop teaching biology at all ! Clearly all this education people are getting is leading them astray from His path !

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

Who's path?? Doesn't the government own all the paths????? (except for the private ones, of course... unless they need them and then force the owners to sell that to them, too..... )

6:08 PM  

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