Thursday, May 26, 2005

Arlen Specter — Enemy of the Culture of Life

We in the Bush Administration are defenders of the Culture of Life. That's why we support the execution of murderers or those likely to have murdered, but got off because of lack of evidence. That's why we ousted Saddam Hussein: so no innocent Iraqi would ever have to die again.

President George Bush has made it clear that embryonic stem cell research represents the Culture of Death.

Embryos are part of God's living human creatures. They're just one uterus away from being born, growing up and voting Republican.

The concept of destroying embryos just becuase they are unwanted is unthinkable. We'd be treating embryos like puppies and kittens at the pound. We'd be treating embryos like all those Africans dying of AIDS who can't afford quality American drugs. Destroying embryos does not represent the Culture of Life.

Which brings me to Senate legislation to expand federal support of embryonic stem cell research and those treacherous Republican Sentors who find themselves on the side of the Culture of Death — particularly Arlen Specter.

Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania is the Republican chief sponsor of the Senate bill. He is currently being treated for cancer.

"I look in the mirror every day, barely recognize myself," said Specter, whose hair has been lost to chemotherapy treatment. "And not to have the availability of the best of medical care is simply atrocious."

Have you ever heard anything more selfish? Talk about conflict of interest. Unlike President Bush who stands on principle, Sen. Arlen is in no position to understand the concept of the Culture of Life.

President Bush opposes the bill because it would open the way for federally funded research that could create life to destroy it.

(Currently, the administration is looking for ways to create more minority life since military recruiters are not meeting their targets.)

All I can say to Sen. Arlen Specter is that if you want to be part of a killing machine, just join the Democrats.

But if you care about millions of zygotes sitting in freezers throughout America ready to become Tommy and Jane, ready to go to school and go on picnics, ready to graduate, get jobs and pay taxes (but not much), then support your Republican brethren.


Anonymous Christine said...

Which clearly leads us to the topic of executing people who want to give their organs to others. Isn't dying by lethal injection the same as being put under anesthesia and then taking all of your working organs... never to be revived? Just wondering...

I mean.. couldnt you just let the victims family sit in the surgery window and witness the removal of that person's vital organs.... wouldnt that be the same at watching them stick a needle in their arm... in fact... wouldnt the bloodiness of it all feel like they are really giving an "eye for an eye" a shot in the arm seems so anti-clamatic in comparrison.

Save the frozen embryos-- just dont save any of the embryo's family members using a death row inmate's organs!!!

6:18 PM  

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